Market forces, economic pressures, student expectations and changes in technology are causing institutions to re-examine the effectiveness of their educational practices and strategies. These necessitate that the institution adapt to the changing market environment while remaining focussed on its core mission of creating academic excellence.

Why an expert Education Consultant can help

An Education consultant can provide an unbiased review of your institution, analysing operational efficiency, exploring growth opportunities, trimming redundancies and improving overall performance. Moreover, students today have more options to their advantage. A good education strategy can directly affect your institution’s bottom line, upholding your strengths and long-term sustainability.

Our core competency – Education Consulting

Flying Wings takes a boutique approach to build life-long client relationships and assists institutions in aligning execution capabilities with the institution’s long term objectives and short term goals. We provide strategic guidance to start, scale or transform top educational institutions and also structure partnerships and alliances that can take your institution to new heights.
Our expertise can help you take a closer look at your goals so you can achieve your desired results and better navigate the changing landscape of education.

Flying Wings Advisory offers consulting in the areas of:
  • Marketing Strategy
  • Enrollment Strategy
  • Education Technology Strategy
  • Internationalization